1. Make your home look organized – even if you aren’t.
  2. Remove excess furniture throughout your home.
  3. Hang mirrors to widen a narrow room.
  4. Remove half the contents of your closets to show buyers there is plenty of room.
  5. Add light inside closets to make them look larger.
  6. Take everything off of the closet floor.
  7. Color coordinate and organize clothing in closets.
  8. Make your master bedroom look and feel like a private retreat.
  9. Buy new bedding in neutral tones to dress up the bedrooms.
  10. Showcase bedrooms as bedrooms, not other rooms.
  11. Make your master bathroom look and feel like a spa.
  12. Minimize what is on your countertops to make them feel more spacious.
  13. Remove all household appliances that are not used on a daily basis.
  14. Make sure beds are made every day.
  15. Hide dirty laundry.
  16. Ensure the sink is clear of any dishes.
  17. If selling in the winter remove all summer clothes.
  18. If selling in the summer remove all winter clothes.
  19. Place all hygiene items under the sinks in the bathrooms.
  20. Remove trash cans from view.